Much of what we write in the analyses may be termed negative criticism. But this is mostly what our local sermons merit. Do not be put off by censure just because of its unpleasant character. Search the Scriptures and you will find that censure is often commanded and praised in there. Search the Scriptures and you will find that our local sermons deserve more blame than acclaim. Is it not time that something be said about what passes for preaching and teaching in this city? Is it not time for some correction to be made? Every pastor who is truly humble will welcome biblical criticism of his work. Every humble churchgoer will look into the matter before jumping to defend his pastor blindly.
It is a disturbing fact that friendships, both present and potential, will be placed on the altar through these fruits of obedience to ‘prove all things’ and ‘try the spirits.’ But what is a man’s religion worth if he’s unwilling to sacrifice friends for the sake of warning their souls and standing for the only Truth that can save them? Is religion without sacrifice authentic? We regret causing offence, but the prohibition against doing so does not extend so far that the ‘offence of the cross’ should cease to be part of a saint’s life. If we accept that gospels that are false are okay, what does that say about our respect for the truth we profess to be saved by? One mark of a true Christian is that he will adhere to the pure gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing else, even to the point of being hated for it. This is what it means to honor the ‘offence of the cross’ that the apostle testifies of in Galatians 5.11. 

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M. H. Gaboury